Why Ukraine?

Ukraine is a strategic mission field for several reasons:

As a former communist country, Ukraine’s evangelical Christian population is relatively small, but it is already sending missionaries to other former Soviet countries. Training Christians in Ukraine has the potential to impact the entire Russian-speaking world.

Currently, there is a shortage of Christian leaders in Ukraine. When the Iron Curtain fell, pastors and Christian leaders who were severely persecuted under Communism took advantage of the opportunity to flee the country. We have heard that there is currently a Russian-speaking church in California that has hundreds of former Soviet pastors who attend. In contrast, many pastors in Ukraine are attempting to lead multiple churches at the same time. Training a new generation of leaders in the Ukraine is necessary to compensate for this mass exodus.

In addition, the majority of Christian leaders still ministering in Ukraine have little or no Bible training. It is vital that these leaders are equipped to lead their people effectively, and to teach them the truths of Scripture.


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