And You Thought Canadian Thanksgiving Came Early

On September 23, protestant christians celebrated Thanksgiving in Kyiv, where tens of thousands of believers of all kinds banded together downtown to publicly thank God for his goodness. Held on the same square where revolution and protests took place just a few years ago, in a country where the Orthodox church dominates and protestants are sidelined as sects, the event itself was something to be thankful for. We gathered to worship and express our dependence on God, even during this difficult time when war continues in the east.

In case you didn’t notice these are 360-degree photos so try dragging them in all directions to experience the full effect.



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  1. Mary Nell Pettitt says:

    Can’t believe my Casey has turned 16. I love you, Casey!

  2. Mary Nell Pettitt says:

    You, too, Sophie!

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