New Recruits

To us, this picture represents answers to prayer, since it shows a room full of new students, who are eager to join God in his mission to all nations. Just a month ago, we didn’t know whether we would have enough students to start a new class…but once again God surprised us with a new batch, and we spent an intense week together, discovering the story of redemption and our place in it. Of course this isn’t new material for us, but each time we have the opportunity of soaking in it again, it renews our passion for this ministry.

This is New Student Orientation, where the entire entering class for the seminary is being introduced to our faculty and staff. The students are each given a picture directory and have to get signatures from all of us, which makes a game out of meeting each other.

*In case you didn’t notice, the pictures above are 360-degree photos so try dragging them in all directions to experience the full effect.

2 Comments to “New Recruits”

  1. Jones Janie says:

    This is such a blessing! Go God!!!! I’m sooo happy so many were drawn to missions!

  2. Gaye Lynn Balzer says:

    Wow! So awesome to see God working! You and your family are such a blessing to others!

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