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Glimpse - MarinaJason has been mentoring Marina, a young lady from our church who has led two Ukrainian teams on mission trips. After she recently returned from a trip to Moldova, she stopped by his office to give him a report. Story after story bubbled out of her as she told how God worked through her in the lives of university students, an old lady who had given up hope, Muslims who had never heard the gospel, and even the lives of her teammates—they are more excited than ever about continuing in mission. Her report made Jason’s week, because what he’d taught her had produced fruit, and she wanted to thank him and share the success with him.

This picture was from a training Jason helped with before one of the first trips she led last fall to Latvia. She posted this about the team, “I already see how God works in their lives preparing them for mission. We had special guests today with us. Jason Gupta shared so many good things about vision and purpose of short term mission and presentation in churches. Kerri Gupta, great to know your family. You and your husband are a blessing! Students were excited to talk with Jason!”

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  1. Tim and Carol Schmidt says:

    Hi Jason, I just found your KTS site. Haven’t seen it all, but it is very informative.
    We seem to have lost track of each other. E Mails have changed.
    Tims new email is:
    Carols new email is:
    Hoping to keep better updated on how you are doing, and where you are and when.

    Love Tim and Carol

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