Feast and Famine

Feast and Famine 12015-11-30 Team Thanksgiving22015-11-30 Team ThanksgivingOur Ukraine team celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday while the rest of Ukraine had a day of remembering the forced starvation by Stalin. Seemed ironic when I realized this, but at the same time not inappropriate. We are told to give thanks, even in the worst of circumstances. Ukraine is in another set of very sad circumstances, again at the hand of Russia, and yet it’s appropriate to give thanks to God. He is still good and we can still trust him. I shared yesterday that I’m thankful that He has allowed us to stay here and continue the ministry He has given us during these tough times.

Here’s an article about the great famine in Ukraine Today.

Also, I gained a new appreciation for my teammates. My back made it difficult for me to do much this year, so I got to rest while others (including Jason) pulled off the whole thing for me at our place! Extra thankful!

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