Glimpse – Ivan*

14462721-red-ukrainian-passport-in-pocket-of-blue-jeans - smallIvan came into my office the other day and said he needed some counseling. It was a bit of a surprise, since I don’t know him very well and he isn’t a student in the missions program, which is my main focus.

But as he began to speak, I understood. Ivan has successfully planted a church in the area and has been planning to start over with a new church plant when he graduates this spring. But God has been speaking to him ever since he took a missions class from me earlier this fall.

In the class I cast a vision for Ukrainians to reach beyond their own borders. We believe that Ukrainians have the potential to make a real impact in this part of the world and have opportunities that outsiders like us Americans don’t.

Ivan has caught the vision. As a result, he and his family have been discussing the possibility of going to a neighboring country that has even greater needs and fewer workers. He wanted me to help him wrestle through the decision-making process.

*Name has been changed for confidentiality.


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  1. Jayne says:

    Praying for the Ukrainian church. For the Guptas specifically. Kerri’s mom shared the candy with our class! Delicious & Thanks! Peace & Grace to you and the Believers in Kiev !

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