Bah Humbug!

Christmas2013“Hope you feel better by Wednesday,” an American friend said to me.
“Why, what’s Wednesday?”
“Oh…yeah…” I started to laugh, realizing my friend must think I’m Scrooge.

Christmas is a bit fluid at our house. Sometimes we celebrate on the 25th, but more often not because it isn’t Christmas Day here. With Sophie in national school, which usually goes through till the end of December, it’s tricky to keep a normal holiday schedule. I had mentally claimed Wednesday as an extra day to catch up on work before the holidays.

On the 24th, Sophie’s cough was bad enough that we decided that she wouldn’t be going to school the next day after all. So, Christmas was back on, with only hours to wrap, stuff, and cook.

Of course the kids thought it was great fun–very exciting. We, on the other hand, just lost our prep time, which tested our holiday cheer.

So we began to celebrate Christmas in sync with our family and friends in the West and continued the festivities until yesterday, which was Christmas Day in Ukraine. Not bad for a Scrooge.

“Merry Christmas to us all…God bless us every one!”

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