What’s Going on in Ukraine?

Rather than trying to explain the politics of the EuroMaidan protests that are occurring downtown, here are some links to a few articles and videos by experts.

UPDATE: The following links provide some background, but much has happened since we posted them. We haven’t kept them current because of censorship laws that have now been repealed. For more more up-to-date news, check KyivPost, or BBC News Europe.

The Idiots' Guide
What’s Happening in Ukraine? The Idiot’s Guide Explainer
We aren’t questioning your intelligence…but this might be helpful to those of you who are totally new to this story. It contains both text and a video.

Ukraine Protestors
Ukraine pro-EU protesters stand firm
This is a CNN video explaining the protests.

Why Ukraine Matters
Why Ukraine Matters
This article from Forbes gives more of the background going back to the Orange Revolution in 2004, and how Ukraine’s future affects the rest of the world.

EuroMaidan 360 Panorama
360 Degree Aerial Panorama
This is an amazing hi-res aerial panoramic shot of the protest on Sunday that shows its true size.

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