Our Magic Tree House

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For Sophie’s 7th birthday, Jason and I pretended to be Jack and Annie—characters from her favorite book series, The Magic Tree House. We took Sophie and her friends on adventures based on several of the stories:

  • We went to a prehistoric dinosaur-land and popped balloon dinosaur eggs.
  • We went to ancient Egypt and made mummies out of the mommies.
  • We went to the Far East and played Ninja.
  • We went to Africa for a safari snack.
  • We went to ancient Greece and participated in the Olympics.

You get the idea.

Our window seat was the tree house, so between adventures, the kids piled into the alcove and listened to clues about the next quest. Then, they found the right book, made a circle around it pointing and declared, “I want to go there.” That’s all it took to be magically transported to the next adventure.

This simple idea turned out to be lots of fun. Jason even made a cool tree house cake topper with a toothpick ladder that still has a place of prominence in the girls’ room. It was magical.

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