Coming Soon to a City Near You

We’re getting ready for a coast-to-coast sweep across the US. Every two years we return to the States to reconnect with churches, family, and people on our ministry team. This summer our schedule is packed with more events than ever, including advanced studies in missions, practical training to help us be more effective in ministry, leadership meetings at our mission headquarters, ministry at churches across the country, and hopefully time to sit and have a cup of coffee with you. (We’ll need the coffee!)

Coming Soon

We'll Fly Away - by Sophie Gupta

  • May 27 – June 7 — Denver, CO
  • June 8 – June 22 — Colorado Springs, CO
  • June 23 – July 12 — Blanco & Austin, TX
  • (July 1 – July 7 — Los Angeles, CA — Jason)
  • (July 8 – July 13 — Denver, CO — Jason)
  • July 13 – July 15 — Houston, TX
  • July 16 – August 3 — Dallas, TX
  • August 4 – August 6 — Hooker, OK
  • August 7 – August 8 — Amarillo, TX
  • August 9 – August 11 — Oklahoma City, OK
  • August 12 — Dallas, TX
  • August 12 – August 18 — Chicago, IL
  • August 19 – August 26 — Atlanta, GA
  • August 27 — Kiev, Ukraine

We’ll keep this page up-to-date as things change, so please check back or give us a call if you want to check the details (214-538-1740 or 719-302-4486). If you’d like to invite us to your church, small group, or Sunday school, we’d love to talk to you…

7 Comments to “Coming Soon to a City Near You”

  1. Rick Chitwood says:

    Looking forward to seeing you this summer. I would like to talk to you about July 29th at NHBC.

  2. LeAnn Custer says:

    Sorry we will miss you in Colorado Springs since we won’t be stateside until June 22nd. Will see Jason when he comes for the meetings. Love you guys, Jake

  3. Beverly and Charles Roberts says:

    We plan to come through Blanco during your time there and will check with Janie and John to see what is convenient. Looking forward to meeting Sohpie face to face. Love and blessings to each of you.

  4. ArVel White says:

    Can’t wait to see all your beautiful faces. Love you.


  5. Paula Rummel Duddy says:

    looks like you will not make it to Pittsburgh…but hope you will have a wonderful time on this trip and maybe we will catch you some other time.

  6. Brian and Heidi Matz says:

    Wish we could connect with you, but we can appreciate that Helena is the center of the universe for little more than a few elk, some cattle and an occasional human. Hope you have a great trip and a good opportunity to connect with folks! We still remember our great time visiting Kyiv back in 2007.

  7. Yeni Gutierrez says:

    Looking forward seeing you!!! Praying for a safe trip!!!

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