Prayers, Potatoes, and Possibilities

Potatoes“What can we do?”

For our little Ukrainian church with its even littler budget, this wasn’t just a rhetorical question.

But together we found an answer–several in fact. It has been a fulfilling part of our ministry here to lead an outreach team, which in turn has been leading the rest of the church in mission.

Recently we led a missions prayer meeting focused on an unreached people group, which captured the interest of the congregation. The pastor thought it was so valuable that he asked our missions team to regularly take a Sunday service to lead the congregation to pray for the world in this way.

One of my missions students from the seminary visited our church, and our people were so excited about his work in Uzbekistan that they asked if they could support him. This is an unusual commitment for a Ukrainian church—often they don’t even provide much support for their own pastors.

Currently we are leading an evangelistic English club, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Some are already asking us to offer the course again this fall.

Our church has also been supporting a Ukrainian church planter in a town about 2 hours south of Kyiv. When our missions team presented his work to the congregation, they wanted to do something more to meet his needs. Our church didn’t think we could afford to give a big monetary gift, so we suggested that each of us could share from what we did have. For two years, we have taken collections consisting of things like potatoes, sausages, toys for the kids, and surprise–even a sizeable amount of money. The response has been overwhelming, not only for him but also for the church, who realized they could do more than they thought possible.

Now their question has changed to, “Who else can we reach?”

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