Jingle, Jingle, Jingle…

It sounds like Christmas, but it’s actually our keys.

When we left the States more than six years ago, our key rings were empty. This left an unfamiliar silence in our steps as we relinquished roles and responsibilities, with their respective keys. Now the jingle is back and is louder than ever.

The crescendo has been gradual, but now, as we get ready to replace this year’s calendar, it’s exciting to remember how full it was of ministry and new responsibilities.

Our primary ministry is training Christian leaders, and we have taught more than ever before, in the classroom, as well as in our local church.

The church in Ukraine has the strategic potential to reach the rest of the Russian-speaking world—that’s why we chose to come here—and now our church is beginning to catch the vision.

This year they asked us to help start a new missions and outreach team and to teach the church about its part in God’s mission. We have seen the momentum grow, as leaders have taken the initiative to support Ukrainian missionaries. One girl in our church has even enrolled in the missions program at the seminary in preparation to be a full-time missionary, and another guy is committed to this in the future.

It’s a great way to end the year, encouraged by the way ministry has gone and convinced that God is accomplishing what He has called us here for. Many of you are part of our team that is making this possible, and we hope that you too are encouraged to see how your partnership is making a difference.

So when you hear bells jingling this season, we hope they will remind you of this new reason for joy.

Merry Christmas!


Jason, Kerri, Casey & Sophie

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