We’re Thankful for You

Thanksgiving with the McDonnels

After years of wrangling with the authorities, jumping through bureaucratic hoops, and spending thousands of dollars, our good friends finally rescued a Ukrainian orphan. They weren’t trying to fill a need in their own lives–they already had several wonderful children. The adoption was purely an act of grace.

You can imagine how the child responded when they finally brought her home and showered her with love…but you’d be wrong! Instead of being grateful, she continually demanded more. It took a couple years before she understood their sacrifice and responded to their love with gratitude.

We don’t want to make the same mistake. We are very aware that our life and ministry here in Ukraine is the result of generous gifts and sacrifice. Our gratitude is a regular part of our daily conversations and prayers, but we don’t often have the opportunity to tell you how much we appreciate your friendship and support. This week is the ideal time to say it.

Since we’ve been here, the Thanksgiving holiday has become even more meaningful to us, even though it is a non-event in Ukraine, and we don’t get to enjoy it with our families. It’s because we are more aware than ever before of our needs and God’s provision.

So this week we will pause, as the rest of the culture moves forward with business as usual, and celebrate God’s blessings, and we will count you as one of them.

Thank you,
Jason, Kerri, Casey and Sophie

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