Why Us?

“Of course” was the most common response when people who truly know us heard about our plans to minister overseas. Our unique pasts that include years spent in different countries might seem like reason enough to predict a future of cross-cultural service.

However, our motivation went beyond our past experiences. As newlyweds comfortably pursuing our own careers, Jason in engineering and Kerri in publishing, we began to realize that God had different plans for our new life together. In order to be trained for a future of full-time ministry, we left our jobs in Colorado and moved to Dallas. While at seminary, we began to understand how God had crafted our abilities, passions and life experiences to prepare us for overseas missions.

The need for trained Christian leaders in Ukraine captivated our interest as we realized that Jason’s gift of teaching could be especially strategic there, allowing him to develop pastors and leaders who have the potential to touch more lives for Christ than we ever could. An investigative visit to the area confirmed this direction.

Nearly five years spent in India as a “missionary kid” and two years working overseas with Operation Mobilization give Jason a realistic picture of the challenges that missionary life entails. Kerri was also well acquainted with life in a foreign culture—her father’s work took her family abroad, living in Malaysia and England for almost half of her pre-college years. She also spent three months in Africa as a short-term missionary.

Despite the challenges of living cross-culturally, we know of no endeavor we would rather be involved in than communicating the gospel of Christ and training others to do so.


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