Food for Thought

Hosting our new students for a good home-cooked meal does much more than a just provide a break from the seminary’s cafeteria. It’s a time of building friendships with students that establishes trust and a foundation for training that goes beyond the classroom. It now seems so clear why the Apostle Paul valued hospitality among the spiritual gifts. (We’ve blurred the face of one student, who is preparing for ministry where her identity needs to be protected.)

I didn’t know what the students were doing when they asked me to put my foot in the picture, but then someone explained they were thinking about Romans 10:14-15.

*In case you didn’t notice, the picture above is a 360-degree photo so try dragging it in all directions to experience the full effect.

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  1. Jones Janie says:

    The students look so pleased to be able to come to visit & eat! The food looks great too!

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