Sideswiped in Slow Motion

car accident

We were almost standing still, waiting in traffic to get to the girls’ soccer game when this truck slowly came over into our lane and sideswiped us, claiming he didn’t even see us. Jason honked, and the driver finally stopped. But not before crunching the driver’s door.

The police came slowly, measured slowly, took statements slowly, and left. Then an insurance adjuster came to take a long look. Four hours later, we were still sitting by the side of the road waiting to be cleared to leave. (Thankfully, friends had already helped our girls get home.)

Now, over a month later, we’re still have to crawl in to the driver’s seat through the passenger side of our car because the process here to get these things resolved with insurance is so slow…we’re hoping this week to be able to take the car in to the shop and get it fixed.

Driving here always requires lots of patience, but never more than this month!




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