Training Third-Culture Kids

stories-TCK-education-269x267We are so thankful for those who give their time and energy to love and teach our kids. Kate Tracy from our mission, WorldVenture, wrote this article about the value of the training that our third-culture kids (TCKs) get at Christian international schools.

Beyond witnessing to the non-Christian families in attendance, the TCK educators recognize the incredible honor it is to serve TCKs themselves. “We call them bridge builders,” say the Quicks. “If you can go to a new country and learn what it’s like to live there and be able to make deep and lasting relationships…those kind of skills take a lifetime to develop. [TCKs] have that by the time they’re 18.”

“The advantages and resources these students have to impact the world are beyond amazing,” said Chris from Black Forest. “They can go places no one else can go. They can speak with people no one else can speak—and be heard, and they have relationships with people no one else can make…we are privileged to participate in preparing them for the world.”

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Any adventurous teacher types interested in coming to Kyiv? Our school needs help! Here’s a link to the school website and a list of teachers needed.


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