Maidan Memorial

Maidan Memorial

Now and Then – When you see the restored city now, it is difficult to believe what it looked like just two years ago.

Two years ago, what began as a peaceful protest against our corrupt government escalated into a bloody conflict that deposed the president and shuffled the parliament. We hoped this would bring much-needed change in Ukraine. Now there’s debate about whether the new leaders are any better than the previous. What’s clear is that life has not improved for Ukrainians. Thousands more lives have been lost in an unexpected war with Russia, inflation and devaluation of the currency, and economic crisis. 

We see God at work through all of this. We know He uses difficult situations to wake people up and teach them to depend on Him. We pray that this situation would accomplish just that in the lives of the people affected by the tragedy, uncertainty, frustration, fear, and seeming hopelessness of the current political situation. The peace and joy with which our displaced Christian brothers and sisters have responded to this tragedy is a testimony to their faith and to God’s provision.

Please keep praying for Ukraine.


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