Odessa Orphans

Michelle is our hero. The girls and I visited her in Odessa, Ukraine, and got to help her for a few days with her ministry to orphans. We joined in with her daily camp activities, and spent the rest of the time wrapping birthday gifts and preparing crafts for the kids. A donor in the States sent a huge pile of soccer cleats for the kids, so we helped them all find the right fit. Until now, they had always played barefoot, so getting their own pair of cleats was big deal.

I’m not sure we made a huge difference in the lives of any orphans, but they made a impact on ours. After  just a few days with them, Casey made the comment, “If I were to be a missionary, this is the kind of ministry I would want to do.”

It meant a lot to Michelle that we came. She told us afterward that she has never had a visitor come to see and participate with her in her work – and she has been doing this for 11 years. It was really encouraging to her.


2015-07-17 Odessa7

2015-07-17 Odessa4

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