Pray with Us

Pray for us as during this last month before we return. The time is short and our to-do list is long. Here are a few things we’ll be focusing on this month:

  • Helping Sophie transition from Ukrainian school—we want her to finish well so she can maintain existing friendships when she starts attending Kyiv Christian Academy in the fall (the same international missionary school that Casey’s goes to).
  • Cheering on our graduates—We’re excited to see our graduates at the starting gate, trusting that God will guide them and use the and training they’ve received in their future ministries.
  • Dealing with Kerri’s back—her back and leg pain (because of pinched nerves) has gotten better and then worse again over the last six months. It is now bad enough that we are trying to figure out new treatment options, and this might mean that she will return to the States before the rest of the family.
  • Writing and crafting materials—not just for this summer, but also for recruiting students and missions conferences when we return in the fall.
  • Preparing for classes and teachers for next year—as director of the seminary’s World Missions program, Jason is responsible for all the classes, even the ones he’s not teaching.
  • Encouraging our teammates—many of our WorldVenture teammates here in Ukraine have experienced significant loss recently, with the tragic death a son, and three other families having to transplant and leave homes, friends, and ministries because of the war with Russia in the east. Also medical issues have made this past year extra challenging for several of our families. Pray for us as we support and lead this field.
  • Getting to know our new field—Jason just returned from Hungary, where we have now taken the reigns as area directors for the WorldVenture families, which means we will oversee their ministry as well.
  • Organizing our schedule for the summer—Kerri is a master of coordination, so it’s mostly under control, but there are always lots of details to keep up with.


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