How was your Thanksgiving? We had a riot!


People here are often surprised that we have turkeys for Thanksgiving…we are surprised that they have turkeys for elected officials. But, this week, everyone has had their fill.

If you haven’t heard about the massive demonstrations happening downtown in our city, you’ve either been totally distracted by Black Friday, or you’re still sleeping off the tryptophan. (We know that’s been debunked, but we won’t blow your cover.) Here, Ukrainians have begun referring to Nov. 28 as “Black Thursday”—not as a celebration of the free market, but as a protest against the curtailing of freedom by the previously mentioned turkeys. (For more background click here.)

Most of our family and friends have been less interested in the politics than in the threat to our security. Thank you very much. So, you’ll be pleased to know that despite the frequent dire warnings we receive from the American embassy, we are completely safe and life is normal if you stay away from certain areas downtown. (We’re pretty sure the American embassy would prefer that we never left our apartment and had all our meals delivered for the sake of security, or better, just stay “safely” in America…I guess that’s their job.)

But beneath the surface of normalcy, everyone is wondering and asking questions about what the future holds. As troubling as some of these questions are, they certainly provide fodder for discussion. In fact, that was our main topic last night at our English conversation club—some of the students had come straight from the protests downtown.

Even in the absence of violent holiday protests, our life as missionaries in a foreign land constantly provides us with reasons to be thankful, such as:

  • We are always grateful to those of you who support the ministry here with your prayer and gifts.
  • Our strange life of dependence which forces us to consciously find our security in God, rather than in a stable job, family, etc.
  • Glimpses of how God is working through and around us. These glimpses are very encouraging and validate what we are doing.

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