2013-09-01 08.40.42Our girls have had a great fall at school. Their experience in school here has not always been wonderful, so we are very grateful for how things have been going this year.

Casey finished 4th grade in Ukrainian school last spring and this year, we transitioned her to an English-speaking school with other missionary kids. The experience has been great. She is making friends with others who can understand her life as a third-culture kid and she is thriving.

Sophie is in 2nd grade in Ukrainian school, and she is also loving it. She really likes her teacher, which is great since she’ll have her for four years. For her the highlight is the Ukrainian dance class that she can’t get enough of. She is constantly prancing around the house practicing and showing us what she is learning.

In the past couple of weeks, both girls have separately told us that they are glad they live in Ukraine and they are content with their lives. As parents, this is wonderful for us to hear. It’s easier for us as adults to accept challenges as a result of our calling, but kids don’t always share that perspective, so we are grateful when they do. Pray that they would continue to be encouraged and content. Praise God that He has been so good to them, which also bolsters our faith and gives us confidence to continue in ministry here.


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  1. Nonnie says:

    What a wonderful gift to you two! I wasn’t ever really sure that you and Wes were happy to be away from your US life, so I know that’s a huge relief. I too pray that they will continue in that attitude for the sake of the Lord, and all of you!!!
    Love you!

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