The Last of the…Who?



People often make the opposite mistake about me that Columbus made when identifying inhabitants of the new world.

“Dots, not feathers,” is my typical response. But the question, “What tribe are you from?” has always caught me off guard—until this summer.

Our family was invited to participate in a Wild West-themed Evangelistic youth camp. (I know that in the States, the theme of cowboys and Indians is taboo, but here it’s, well, different.) That’s how I ended up playing the role of Sitting Bull and the girls as characters from Little House on the Prairie in a frontier adventure challenge to kick off the week.

Swimming and playing volleyball at the beach was a highlight of the week for the girls and was a great way to connect with students. But, as much as we enjoyed it, the week at camp was much more than just fun and games.

As the main speaker I preached a series of five messages over the course of the week, culminating in a bonfire on the last night. Our emphasis was on communicating with our unchurched guests, so it was gratifying to watch some of them respond. After the camp, six of them began coming to the youth club regularly, so we can continue to interact with them and encourage their faith.

It was fun to be able to minister together as a family for a change. We led an English club together every afternoon, which we tried to make fun by playing conversation games, and even teaching them to square dance. (They took turns calling the moves, of course, so they could practice their English.) And Casey enjoyed helping Kerri host a leader’s meeting every morning with coffee and goodies, most of which Casey baked herself.

It was a great experience which left us exhausted, but it was a good tired.






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