Purposeful Redundancy with a Purpose

Sergei Teaching

Sergei Passing Along What He Learned

I say the same thing every time I teach.

But one student came back and wanted to hear it yet again.

Sergei isn’t one of my slow students who needed to repeat a class. He has caught the vision that brought us to Ukraine, and he wanted to soak in its significance for another session.

One of the main reasons we chose to serve in Ukraine was because of its strategic potential to be a missionary sending force and a gateway to the rest of the Russian-speaking world. But before this can become a reality, the church in Ukraine must understand the bigger picture of God’s plan and their place in it.

I see the mission of God as a thread that runs through the whole of Scripture and ties the stories together. So, when I have the opportunity to preach, I often approach this theme from different perspectives—not simply challenging people to be involved, but helping them to understand God’s heart. I’ve developed over a dozen different courses at KTS, and although they each have their own theme and topic, the thread of God’s mission runs through all of them as well.

This teaching has begun to bear real fruit. A couple of years ago I was asked by the church to start a team that could lead our church to participate in God’s mission. Check out the new articles about our missions team projects and the English club we are currently leading.

In the past we have shared some exciting stories about other students who caught the vision, but recently the responses from several more have again validated our purpose for being here.

Sergei’s interest was particularly encouraging. Sergei isn’t in the missions program, but he asked me to create an independent study for him because he has been convinced how important God’s mission is, and he was willing to do extra work in order to be better prepared to take part in it.

So sometimes it’s worth repeating yourself and saying the same thing again…


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