Bake Someone Happy

I have never thought of myself as the Betty Crocker type. And when I pictured life on the mission field, I thought I’d be doing something really meaningful and valuable. Certainly not baking. Or making coffee. (Imagine my eyes rolling.)

But the longer I’m here, the more I realize that one of the best ways to make people feel loved–something that transcends cultural differences and language barriers–is hospitality.

And what’s even more surprising to me is that I’m really starting to enjoy it. At church, I’m one of the go-to people when a baking need arises. And I am really glad to serve in that way, even if it means making cinnamon rolls for the whole church.

Just last month, I hosted a coffee house for a women’s conference for female students and wives of students at the seminary. I was never more in my element than making coffee and putting out homemade treats (not all homemade by me, mind you). And I can really see the value in creating a warm, homey environment where they could relax and connect with each other.

So, I’m ready to embrace the role that God has given me here and replace my rolling eyes with a rolling pin. (No store-bought crusts or cake mixes to be found in Ukraine!)

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