Although the picture looks stark, it represents good news to us. This young woman is being interviewed for entrance into our missions program. The process is a little daunting for the applicants as they have to face a panel of several profs. But we try to put them at ease […]

Sweet Sixteen Sweet Sixteen

16 was never sweeter than when this girl turned it. Her classmates surprised her with 16 gifts, some of which were 16 things each, like a batch of cookies or 16 roses. And a few other friends made it extra special as well, including our teammates who came for dinner […]

There They Go Again There They Go Again

Our 7th grader and 10th grader…both ready to see their friends and get back into a routine after a summer of fun, travel, and busyness. The hair-pulling photo is now a well-loved tradition and proof that sometimes Casey does start it. =)

Ukraine in Colorado Ukraine in Colorado

Our whole team from Ukraine managed to make it to our mission’s 75 anniversary in Colorado, with the exception of one! It was an amazing turnout, considering it’s hard to managed to all get together here in Kyiv. We are so thankful for these folks, who have become our family […]

Gupta US Tour 2018 Gupta US Tour 2018

Two weeks from today, we’re hopping on a plane to the States for the summer! Hoping to see many of you. Not all of our dates are firm yet, but generally we’ll be in Texas (Dallas, Blanco and Houston) for June, and in Colorado (Estes Park and Colorado Springs) for […]

Lighting Candles Lighting Candles

“I have but one candle of life to burn and I would rather burn it out in a land filled with darkness than in a land flooded with light.” Ion-Keith Falconer This was the theme of our summer. We made t-shirts to give out, and everywhere we went, Jason shared […]

Graduation Celebration Graduation Celebration

This year’s graduates from the missions program are dear to our hearts–all of them are, but we’ve known Ira and Sveta even longer than most. They have been in the program for longer than typical because they were so busy in ministry that they took their time getting all the […]