Soviet Secret Police Replaced by … us?

To hear what happened this weekend in Kyiv, click on the 3-minute video and listen hard past the noisy music playing in the square.  

Off to School Off to School

Exactly 4 days after we arrived in Ukraine, Casey and Sophie started back to school. Sophie was very excited to get to label her school supplies in English this year! Proof that it isn’t always Sophie who starts it! The van that picks them up and drops them off every […]

Easter Bells Easter Bells

We’ve been listening to church bells from our local Orthodox church all morning while Sophie and I decorate eggs. She had a fever last night, so no church for us this morning, but still a happy Easter!

The Gospel on an Egg The Gospel on an Egg

In very fancy Ukrainian letters, this says “Jesus is Risen. He is Risen Indeed.” May God be glorified here and throughout the world. Happy Easter from Ukraine!

Maidan Memorial Maidan Memorial

Two years ago, what began as a peaceful protest against our corrupt government escalated into a bloody conflict that deposed the president and shuffled the parliament. We hoped this would bring much-needed change in Ukraine. Now there’s debate about whether the new leaders are any better than the previous. What’s clear […]

Training Third-Culture Kids Training Third-Culture Kids

We are so thankful for those who give their time and energy to love and teach our kids. Kate Tracy from our mission, WorldVenture, wrote this article about the value of the training that our third-culture kids (TCKs) get at Christian international schools. Beyond witnessing to the non-Christian families in […]

I Thank God for… I Thank God for…

Kyiv Theological Seminary put together a Thanksgiving video in English that turned out great! It’s such a privilege to get to be here influencing the future of not only Ukraine, but all the places these students will go. Thanks to those of you who support and pray for us!